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Ibberton, Belchallwell and Woolland Village Hall
Hall and Equipment Hire Charges


Ibberton, Woolland, Belchallwell


Anyone else

Hire of Hall

£6 per hour
Max charge £50.00 per day

Broadband  £1 an hour

£6.50 per hour

Broadband  £1 an hour

Full use of kitchen

£5.50 single charge

£5.50 single charge

Discount for regular bookings.
Use of all furniture, staging in the hall and 60 piece place setting of china and cutlerys included in the hall hire charge. 


Off-site equipment hire

Large tables (1830mm x 685mm)

13 available

Small tables (915mm x 685mm)

12 available

Plastic chairs

70 available

30 Further chairs that remain in the hall

All tables and chairs

£1.30 per table

£0.70p per table

£0.50p per chair



15sqm of mobile staging,
comprising 15 x 1 metre square staging units (50cm high) with all-weather surface for use inside or out, and 2 x step units

£3.50 per staging unit

£35.00 the whole stage

Step units are included in the hire charge

Contact and General Terms

Booking Secretary:

Mrs A Newman

Woolland View
Blandford Forum,
DT11 0EJ

Village Hall website:

Village Hall email address:


10% deposit (returnable) of total hire fee required at conformation of booking.

Cheques require 5 working days clearance unless backed by cheque guarantee card.

Cheques should be made payable to -
‘Ibberton Village Hall Treasurers Account’

30-90-92  01107086

NB: When equipment taken off site, the insurance of all items, and its collection and return, is the sole responsibility of the Hirer.

There is a £1 electric slot meter for the cooker, fridge, wall sockets, hand driers and stage lights, situated in the porch cupboard.
This does not include the hall lights.


Bookings for parties and dances are at the discretion of the Management Committee.

A security deposit is required for parties, dances and weddings which is repayable after the event, less the cost of any damage.

All lettings are subject to the Conditions of Hire and Rules of Ibberton and Belchalwell Village Hall.

The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse any hiring without giving reasons for refusal.


The Hall, from the kitchen end.


The kitchen.


Kitchen with electric cooker, fridge and 19 litre auto-fill electric water boiler.


Main Hall showing 4 spot stage lights controlled by a lighting unit with 2 possible control points.

15 square metres of portable stage in metre square units can be positioned where ever required.

Hall Plan


10.75 metres long by 5.75 metres wide.

Up-lighting giving up to 5 metres head room.