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Ibberton, Belchalwell and Woolland Village Hall

Registered Charity Number: 1095817


2022  A walnut tree was planted to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee.


The Village Hall officially is registered by the Charity Commission as 'Ibberton, Belchalwell & Woolland Village Hall'.

2023    Premise Licence extended to include alcohol and outdoor use of the hall grounds for entertainment

New sign installed by J and F Franklin to reflect the Village Halls official name change to Ibberton, Belchalwell & Woolland Village Hall



The temporary iron church in ' Bean Close' , on Glede Land, was built to accommodate the congregation, when the parish churches of Belchalwell and Ibberton, became unsafe and in a state of disrepair. It was some years before the restoration was taken in hand. It was built by Mr George Loder, Carpenter, of Okeford Fitzpaine, in the summer 1892, but was not used until some time in the spring of 1893. Its use for services was discontinued after July 1909. It is now used as a church room, all the interior fittings having been removed as well as the bell cote over the door. The bell was sold to a temporary church at Yeovil.


Extract from 'The Church of St.Eustachius, Ibberton, Dorset'

                                   by The Rev L.S. Plowman


1893          First service held.

1909          The building ceased being used as a Church and used instead as a Church Room for meetings, clubs, entertainment etc.


1948          The building, along with the surrounding Glebe land, was put up for sale, the purchaser being the Pitt-Rivers Estate

                  (owner of much land and property in the area at the time).

1949          The building became the “Village Hall” with Trustees and a committee and let by the Pitt-Rivers Estate on a 21year lease with

                  a nominal rent of £1 per annum.

1953          Connection was made to the electricity supply that was then being laid on to these villages.

1957          Extension-kitchen etc-were built at a cost of £445.

1977          The Pitt-Rivers Estate offered to sell the Hall to the Village Hall Committee for £250 (plus legal costs).

                  The offer was accepted.

1993          29th August - Church Service to commentate 100 years since the 1st service was held in the Temporary Church.


1996            The Hall’s structure required strengthening with steel girders to prevent it becoming unsafe. A grant from Dorset County

                    Council, the Parish Council’s of Ibberton and Okeford Fitzaine (Belchalwell is served by this Parish Council) and fund

                    raising enabled this work to be undertaken. 

1999          First application was made for a National Lottery Grant to finance improvements. (Plans were on view at the Open Meeting on

                  9th February). Unsuccessful application .


Thank you the National Lottery, Dorset County Council, North Dorset, Ibberton and Belchalwell Parish Councils for providing us with the money to bring the Hall into the 21st Century 

Photographs before the work began!!

2000          Reapplied in January after conducting a survey. On 9th May National Lottery Grant of £47,000 award towards  £60,000

                  refurbishment project (£7,000 Dorset County Council, £4,000 Village Hall Committee Funds, £1,500 Ibberton Parish Council, 

                  £500 Okeford Fitzpaine  (Belchalwell) Parish Council).

2001           Work eventually began on refurbishment 22nd January. Applied for North Dorset District Council Grant in February, in March

                   receive grant of £7,400. Refurbished  Hall opened by Mrs. Lois Rose, Dorset Village Halls  Advisor, on 2nd June. All residents

                   of Ibberton, Belchalwell and Woolland invited.

2006          New Cladco-LJT roof-No painting for 15-25 years!

2008          4th January, 2008 Village Hall Connected to Broadband as a result of the 'Connecting Dorset' Project

2009         Received a grant from 'Grassroots' to purchase computer and film showing equipment for £2,375. 

2015         Defibrillator installed outside front door.

2021         High speed fibre broadband installed direct to the building.                                                                 .

A brief history of the hall