Ibberton, Belchalwell and Woolland Village Hall

A.G.M. Monday 6th September, 2021 (Delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic)
The annual general meeting of the Ibberton, Belchalwell & Woolland Village Hall was held at the Village hall on 6th September.
Those present were, Mr D. Old, Chairman of Trustees & Treasurer, Mrs A. Newman, Secretary, Mrs. K. Old, Mrs. H. Yeatman, Mr J. Franklin, Miss. B. Courage, Mrs B. Simpson, Chair of the Committee, Miss C. Lodder, Mr A Glover, Mrs. M. Leamon Apologies Mr. O. Yeatman, Mrs. M. Leamon, Doug Willis, Mr J Heath, Mrs J Heath, Lynn Dean
1. Minutes of the last meeting AGM. Chaired by Trustee’s Chairman Mr Derek Old
2. Matters arising
Loss of Jack Yeatman as Trustee – his wife Helen Yeatman has agreed to take his place as Trustee.
3. Trustees Chairman’s Report
The chair thanked all the committee for all their work over the previous year.
4. Secretary’s Report
All policies and risk assessments have been updated to reflect COVID-19. A new web site has been created costing £7.99 per year. It enables Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and You Tube to be embedded on the site.
5. Treasurer’s Report
The yearly accounts where presented ending 31st December 2020. The treasurer gave comparisons with the previous year’s income and expenditure. Mention was made of the COVID-19 grants given to compensate loss of earnings due to closing because of the pandemic.
Current Account £8711.37
CCLA £4168.76
It was agreed that the interest rate was very low on the CCLA Account and that we should leave this money in this account. Due to the pandemic the CCLA were unable to process the £1,000 cheque that was agreed should happen in the AGM 2019. Since the last meeting several projects have been undertaken including the installation of a new furniture store with a trip light and 2x13 amp electric sockets, new ramp and fencing, repainting of the external walls of hall, installation of fibre broadband and central heating boiler, replacement of the web site (including an online calendar, IT equipment has been updated, new gratings on septic tank, new cutlery tray, COVID-19 equipment and the sign has been restored.
Mr Graham Dyke very kindly independently examined and audited the accounts. Mrs A. Newman will write and thank him on behalf of the Trustees and Committee.
Proposed by Helen Yeatman and seconded by Brenda Courage that the accounts be accepted.
6. Booking’s Report
All hiring’s and fund raising were suspended from March, 2020 due to COVID 19 pandemic. The Koru Project have booked three sessions fortnightly, until June 2022, they are all key workers so they have been able to meet while all public buildings were officially closed during COVID-19 pandemic. An open air Artsreach Event occurred 13th August, 2021 on the field a joining the hall, kindly lend by Mrs J Parsons. It was very successful with 80 attendees. We hope to have another event like this next year.
Election of Committee
Mr J Heath, Mrs. A. Newman, Mrs. K. Old, Mrs. M. Leamon, Mrs .H. Yeatman, Mrs J Holdsworth, Mrs J Heath, Mr. O. Yeatman, Miss Carol Lodder, Mrs Belinda Simpson, Mr Andy Glover, Doug Willis, Lynn Dean and Mrs A Newman all agreed to stand for the Committee in 2021.
Meeting Closed at 8.05 pm. The date for the AGM will be 7th February, 2022.