Ibberton, Belchalwell and Woolland Village Hall

Committee Meeting Monday 6th September

A committee meeting for Ibberton, Belchalwell & Woolland Village Hall was held at the Village hall on Monday 6th September.
Those present were, Mr D. Old, Chairman of Trustees, Treasurer & Bookings, Mrs. H Yeatman, Mrs. K. Old, Mr J. Franklin, Miss. B. Courage, Mrs B. Simpson, Miss C. Lodder, Mrs. A. Newman, Secretary, Mrs. M. Leamon, Mrs J Holdsworth Apologies Mr. O. Yeatman, Doug Willis, Mr A Glover, Mr J Heath, Mrs J Heath, Mrs L Dean

1. Election of Officers
Mr D. Old, Chairman of the Trustees, Chaired the election of officers
Mr D Old proposed Mrs B Simpson as Chairman Mrs H Yeatman seconded
Mrs K Old proposed Mr J Franklin as Vice-Chairman, Miss B Courage seconded.
Mr J Franklin, proposed that Mrs. A. Newman continue as secretary, Miss B Courage seconded.
Mrs H Yeatman proposed Mr D Old continue as treasurer, Miss C Lodder seconded.
Mr H Yeatman proposed that Mr D Old become booking secretary, Miss C Lodder seconded.
The minutes of the last committee meeting were read and signed by the Chairman as correct.

2. Matters arising
• Paint peeling from roof – many comments from the community about the peeling of the roof – price to replace corrugated metal £1,500 on the field side. A quote from a spraying company will be sort to compare prices.
• Updated Fire & Health and Safety Risk Assessment including Covid 19 assessments/provisions – Mrs B Simpson signed the policy that is kept in the First Aid cupboard in the kitchen
• Electric check report advisories – repairs made – an emergency light was replaced and an insect lantern condemned
• glazing in double glazing units blown – it would be very costly to replace the window units that have blown on the field side and above the doors. It was decided to leave this for the moment
• Fibre Connection – after being offered a £1 monthly fee, from Wessex Internet, once connected to the fibre. It was decided by a small subcommittee during COVID-19 closure to accept this fee. The Hall, being a business connection, was required to pay the £700, the VAT on the £3,500 connection grant.

4. Review Hiring Fees – it was agreed that the hiring fees should remain as they have been for a few years due to COVID-19 recovery

5. Maintenance Report
• hedges / grass cut – Thank you Derek for all your hard work. Next year Derek will try and arranged with A Yeatman to cut the hedges in August.
• External paintwork – Hall walls have been repainted. All were pleased with the impression the Hall now creates on the environment.
• sign restored – Thank you Jason for taking the sign home and repairing/repainting
• new chair store / additional ramp – All agreed that the new chair store was a vast improvement. It is insulated, larger and has its own electricity supply which includes a trip light and two 13 amp sockets. The building and ramp are now wide enough to manoeuvre the stage stack up/down to the car park
• condition of central heating boiler – while preparing for reopening the hall after COVID-19 pandemic closure it was found that the boiler was completely dry. After a large plumbing bill and discussion with the plumber about its 20 year age and condition, it was decided that the boiler needed to be replaced. The new boiler is slightly wider and has the ability to control the heating of the water. This will save the oil supply because the boiler will not be firing up to heat water continuously. A new switch has been installed that will control both the heating and water heating independently but can be overridden when needed. It is programmed to switch all off at 10.30 pm; notices have been updated to reflect this. The frost stat will override the programmer when the temperature in the hall drops below 10 ° C
• ash die back – tree quote – It has been arranged that all the ash trees on the village hall boundary be felled to hedge height as soon as possible. Unfortunately all have ash dieback and are dropping branches.
• web site replaced – the previous web site, that had been free, now costs £5 a month and was out dated in construction. Instead the hall now owns its domain name www.ibbertonvillagehall.co.uk for the cost of £7.99 a year and is hosted free with Krystal. It now includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube, an online calendar linked to the village halls google account and the ability to view the web site in mobile phone, laptop, desk top and notebook mode.
• laptop replaced – James Newman kindly donated a laptop to the hall to replace the original machine which had a charging problem and was unable to be repaired economically. The two scanners and web cams have been recycled.
• refurbish stage – the metal frame of the stage has become rusty because the old shed was damp. Johnathon Holdsworth and Annette have experimented with different methods of removing the rust and finishing materials. During the first week in October they are going to bring all the stage into the hall to refurbish. Anybody who would like to join them would be very welcome.
• cleaning rota – April, May, October, November, December no longer have volunteer cleaners. The committee are going to approach members of the community to ask for their help. Volunteers arrange with Derek or Annette to collect the key once in the month and clean the two toilets and kitchen and sweep the hall floor. It takes about an hour. All cleaning materials are in the locked hall cupboard under the sink.
• trip light outside – not working – needs to be checked when dark!
• new gratings on top of septic tank – the two breather pipes now have a metal frame over the top to prevent feet from getting stuck in the pipes.

6. Possibility of renaming the hall to reflect that Woolland's involvement.
An Ibberton resident, who has a strong link with Woolland, mentioned that Woolland residents were unaware that the hall was for their benefit as well as Belchalwell and Ibberton. The Trust deed filed in with the Charity Commission states:-

1. The name of the hall shall be called the Ibberton, Belchalwell & Woolland Village Hall.

4. The Ibberton, Belchalwell & Woolland Village Hall is provided for the benefit of all inhabitants of the Parishes of Ibberton, Belchalwell and Woolland, for the purpose of leisure, recreation and educational pursuits, and the other activities in the interest of or for the benefit of the Villages.

5. The management and control of the Hall shall be by a Committee made up of the four Trustees, ex-officials, and another twelve persons, who shall be elected from amongst the residents of the three Parishes. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to three other members, who must retire at the next A.G.M. but who will be eligible for election. The Committee shall elect officers from its number at its first meeting following the A.G.M. All Committee members will retire annually at the A.G.M. but will be eligible for re-election.

To reflect these rules the committee of includes representatives from each village.
Any legal change of name has to be completely unique and the Trust Deed would need changing. Annette has explored some possible names, eg Hillside Hall, etc but all are the names of existing halls in the country. It was decided to leave the name as it is but we can refer to the hall as Ibberton, Belchalwell & Woolland Village Hall.

7. Fund raising and social events
Artsreach – Friday 29th October
LOUISE JORDAN ‘Florence - the lesser known life and legacy of Florence Nightingale’ – this will have a bar, light refreshments and a raffle. If anybody would like to donate a cake it would be gratefully received. The performance includes the show and a pub quiz about the life of Florence. The audience capacity will be reduced to 70%, 55 people including volunteers, to reflect COVID-19 pandemic concerns. The summer outdoor show was very successful and enjoyed by all who attended. The gate percentage, BBQ, bar and raffle raised the hall £427.40

Bingo? 17 September / 1, 15 October / 19 Nov / 10 December
Quiz night – it was decided to leave fund raising until the spring to see how the Covid-19 pandemic develops over the winter months.
Any other ideas?

8. Date for next meeting. AGM 7th February, 2022

9. Any other business.
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Meeting closed at 9.20 pm